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Gemco Engineers B.V.
Science Park Eindhoven 5053
5692 EB Son, Niederlande

Telefon: +31 40 2643607
Fax: +31 40 2643640

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Gießereianlagen, Projektierung, Bau, Engineering  
Vollformgießverfahren, Einrichtungen  
Formstoffaufbereitungsmaschinen und -anlagen  
Formstoffaufbereitung, sonstiges  
Regenerierung tongebundener Formstoffe  
Regenerierung wasserglas- und zementgebundener Formstoffe  
Gießeinrichtungen und -anlagen, sonstige  
Komplette Druckgießanlagen  
Trenn- und Entgrateinrichtungen, sonstige  
Schleiftechnik, sonstige  
Putzerei-Verkettung und Automatisierung  
Prozeßleittechnik, -modelle, -simulation  
Steuer- und Regeleinrichtungen, Automatisierungstechnik  
Umweltschutz und Entsorgung, sonstige Einrichtungen  
Simulation gießtechnischer Prozesse  
Ingenieursdienstleistungen 1 Produkt
Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen 1 Produkt
Aus- und Weiterbildung  
Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen  


Since our establishment in 1979, GEMCO has developed into one of the world's leading independent engineering and contracting firms in the foundry industry with a track record of over 1000 foundry projects worldwide.

State of the art facilities and tools for designing and engineering as well as constant internal investment allows us to provide you with the most up to date know-how on foundry technology and innovative equipment and processes.

Concept engineering

We constantly strive towards a total concept. At all times we are aware that our clients must focus on quality, productivity and costs. Our whole philosophy is focused on providing customized foundry solutions, which stems right from the feasibility and pre-engineering studies of the concept phase. Always working in close cooperation with our clients we resolve issues such as:

Feasibility Studies/Techno Economical Base
Process Technology
Process Flow & Logistics
Foundry logistics
Foundry Lay-out
Systems & Capacities

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Project Management


As Project managers we can take full responsibility for all project engineering and management activities required for your foundry project. Conceptual engineering and detailed design will be carried our based on your basic design data and in close cooperation with your staff to ensure that your requirements are met.


After the engineering stage has been completed we can manage all project activities required for the successful implementation of the project. The activities falling under "Project Management" serve the very important purpose to keep control of the execution of the project. These activities include:

  • Co-ordination of Tasks
  • Monitoring on Time
  • Monitoring on Budget
  • Administration of Documents

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