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Acetarc Welding & Engineering Co. Ltd.
Atley Works, Dalton Lane
BD21 4HT Keighley, W. Yorks, Großbritannien / Nordirland

Telefon: +44 1535 607323
Mobile: +44 7768982055
Fax: +44 1535 602522


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Auto pour units


Un-heated Auto-pour units to provide cost effective back-up to main auto-pour units on high speed automatic moulding lines.

They can also be used to give flexibility to the pouring by allowing the pouring of different grades of metal in small batches much easier and more cost effectively than the main auto-pouring systems can. 

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Crucible lifting equipment


Acetarc Engineering manufacture a range of crucible lifitng equipment. the internal crucible lifter is used for handling new crucibles where they need to be placed inside restricted spaces, such as furnace bodies, that make it very difficult to hold the crucible on the outside of the crucible body

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crucible tilting and pouring equipment


Acetarc Engineering manufacture a wide range of equipment for the handling and tilting of crucibles carrying molten metal.

The crucible carriers can be designed to be carried by hand or to be suspended from an overhead carrier or hoist etc, depending on the size of the crucible and the intended usage.

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tilting frames for ladles


tilting frames to handle un-geared ladles.

Can be supplied with various controls to improve the accuracy of the pouring .

Drum and U shaped ladles


Acetarc Engineering manufacture drum & U shaped ladles in a range of capacities, up to 10,000Kg C.I.) to suit a client's requirements.

Drum and U shaped ladles are very compact and can be locations where lack of space precludes the use of standard lip-pour ladles of the same capacity.

The drum and U shaped ladles can be fitted with either a manually operated gearbox or a motorised gearbox for the controlled rotation of the ladle.

In addition to this the drum & U shaped ladles can be supplied with extended pouring spouts, covers etc.

Drum ladles usually are supplied with removeable sections, such as end plates to assist with the lining operation.

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Westminster medium duty ladle


The Westminster ladle is a medium duty design that is intended for frequent usage in non-ferrous foundries or intermittent/infrequent usage in ferrous foundries. It is intended to provide a cost effective solution to where a foundry may need a ladle for only occasional usage and does the foundry does not really require the heavy-duty Workhorse ladle.

The Westminster ladle is available in a range of sizes/capacities up to 3000Kg (C.I.) It is also common with this ladle to make the shell suitable for being fitted with a pre-formed Insural liner or similar.

The Westminster ladle uses the same range of proven Acetarc oil-bath gearboxes that are used on the Workhorse heavy-duty ladle designs.

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Workhorse foundry ladle


The Workhorse foundry ladle forms the basis of our heavy-duty geared foundry ladle range and is backed by over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of foundry ladles.

Available in a range of sizes from 500Kg capacity (C.I.) up to 65 metric tonnes capacity.

Available with either manually operated gearbox or motorised gearbox drive for the safe and controlled rotation of the ladle.

Various spout options can also be fitted such as teapot spout.

The Workhorse design is also used as the basis for treatment ladles and  bottom pour ladles

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bottom pouring ladles


bottom pouring ladles available in a full range of sizes and with manual or motorised tilting gear options

ladle with motorgear for powered rotation


The Acetarc Workhorse range of heavy-duty foundry ladles can all be supplied with a motor-gear option for the powered rotation of the ladle (either electric motor or pneumatic motor drive).

All Acetarc motor-gear ladles are fitted with a clutch assembly that enables the ladle to be quickly converted to manual operation, without the need for special tools, in the event of a power failure.

The basic electric motor-gear unit has single speed rotation in both directions. However other options are available, including two speed rotation and inverter control.

The ladle shown in this picture has a 50 tonne capacity and is fitted with an inverter drive giving three pre-set rotation speeds (in both forward and reverse direction).

The ladle is controlled via a radio remote system but also has a hard wired pendant back-up. This is in addition to having the ability to be converted to manual operation should there be a power failure.

lip-axis pouring ladles


Lip-axis pouring ladles for accurate and consistant pouring of the metal

tun-dish treatment ladle


Acetarc design and manufacture a range of tun-dish treatment ladles, for the in-ladle production of SG (ductile) iron. Available in a range of capacities and types to suit each foundry's particular requirements.

Loose type tun-dish: Removed after the treatment cycle and before the ladle is rotated.

Sliding tun-dish: Similar to the loose tun-dish type but has an inbuilt mechanical system for raising and lowering the tun-dish cover.

Fixed tun-dish: The tun-dish remains in place for the duration of the working shift of the ladle.

molten metal handling monorail systems


Acetarc engineering can provide overhead monorail systems for transporting molten metal from the melting area to the pouring area in a foundry.

Monorail systems provide structured and controlled movement between locations assisting with the maintenance of quality management of the metal transfer process. They can also be designed to be fitted into existing foundry layouts without the need to move other equipment.

Monorail systems can incorporate switches and turntables to create flexible routes. They can also include in-line processing such as weigh stations.

Acetarc Engineering are an authorised dealer for TC/American Monorail Equipment.

TC/American Monorail, Inc. — Providing the Highest Quality Patented Track Crane & Monorail Systems

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molten metal pouring systems


Special molten metal pouring systems designed to suit each foundry's specific requirements.

bed type ladle pre-heater


The bed type ladle pre-heater has the ladle inverted and then placed on the refractory lined bed of the pre-heater over an up-ward firing burner.

The bed also has an exhaust vent to allow the combustion gasses to be removed.

The advantages of this type of ladle pre-heater are:

Thermally more efficient with less heat losses.

The unit can be fitted with a thermocouple to provide a signal to the control unit. This then allows the pre-heater to cycle the burner between high and low fire, giving  better heat penetration to the refractory lining whist using less gas.

It can be used with a number of different sizes of ladles, as long as they cover both the burner and the exhaust vent.

the pre-heater is supplied as a complete unit with it's own integral combustion fan.

The unit also has push button ignition controls and a flame failure safety system as standard.

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ladle pre-heater


Gas -fired Ladle pre-heaters with various design options including temperature control.

All ladle pre-heaters include push button ignition system and flame failure safety system.Units are designed to suit your specific requirements.

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