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A. H. Tallman Bronze Company Ltd.
2220 Industrial Street
L7R 3Y8 Burlington, On., Kanada

Telefon: +1 905 335-3491
Mobile: +1 905 923 8626
Fax: +1 905 335-5896

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Anzahl der Beschäftigten20-49
Umsatz1-9 Mio US $
Exportanteilmax. 50%
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Welcome at Tallman Bronze

Tallman Bronze would like to welcome you to the METEC 2011. Our experienced team is waiting to help with Steelmaking and Ironmaking challenges.

At Tallman Bronze, our expertise in Steelmaking and Ironmaking technologies and process knowledge combined with the design and manufacturing expertise provides a complete solution to the steel mill.

For BOF Steelmaking Tallman offers:

    - Clean Lance Technology that virtually eliminates lance skulling and at the same time can control the build in the mouth and cone area of the converter

    - Cold Shroud Technology for reduced slopping enables the steel plant to meet both their environmental and production targets

    - Swirl Cooled BOF Lance Tip Technology provides optimum tip cooling and longer tip life

     - Post Combustion BOF Lance Tips allows the steel plant to melt more scrap

For EAF Steelmaking Tallman offers:

     - Cast Copper Panels (Burner Panels, Slag LIne Fin Cooling Panels, etc.)

    - TSCi (Tallman Supersonic Carbon IInjectors), Reduces slag slag FeOeO by up to 10% and carbon consumption up to 50%by up to 10% and carbon consumption by up to 50%

    - EAF Lance Tips

For Blast Furnace (Ironmaking) Tallman offers,

    - Tuyeres (High velocity, double nose, flooded etc.),

    - Cooler (Stack, Bosch, Cigar, etc)

Tallman looks forward to welcoming you to the METEC