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Bergs Engineering AB
Främbyvägen 6, Hr
79152 Falun, Schweden
P.O.BOX 5070
791 05 Falun, Schweden

Telefon: +46 23 6661260
Fax: +46 23 34770


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Bandbehandlungsanlagen zur Formgebung von Stahl 3 Produkte
Bandbehandlungsanlagen zur Formgebung von NE-Metallen  
Coilers, Uncoilers and Traverse Winding Systems


Various coiling and traverse winding systems are available for a wide variety of metal strip and wire, mainly concentrating on narrow dimensions.

Driven and non-driven
Braked or unbraked
Spools, strip coils and bundles
Spreading jaws

Electrically or Hydraulically driven
Oscillating or non-oscillating
Constant strip tension
Interchangeable coilerheads, guides and holders for different inner diameters.

Traverse winding system:
As a complete machine with uncoiler, detector, cutter, welding unit, grinder and coiler.

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Edge Dressing Machines


Edge Dressing Machines for Steel Strip and flat Wire

We have made a wide variety of edge dressing machines for strip widths in the range from 1,5 mm up to 500 mm and strip thicknesses from 0,05 - 5,0 mm. For other dimensions request information. Among our standard features are:

  • Double or one sided shaving
  • Angled, straight or curved profile edges
  • Single or multistation shaving
  • Automatic station changes (on the fly)
  • Automatic dimension adjustment.
  • Deburring Chamfering

A laser Micrometer is installed to measure the width in real time and is continuously used to adjust and control the shaving stations. The result can also be presented as a diagram in a PC and be used for a material certificate.
The shaving units can be used one at a time or they can work simultaneously at a preset width. The tool holder system is based on the Sandvik Capto tool system is modified for this application. The tool holders can be preadjusted off-line.

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Inspection Lines for Steel Strip and Wire


The basic concept for this machine is similar to our edge dressing machines with uncoilers, feeding units and coilers but instead of machining units there are stations for surface fault detection, marking, width measurement, straightness measurement and/or any other requested measuring device.

This machine can preferably be combined with a recoiling/spooling line including cutting, welding and grinding stations.

Straightness measurement equipment from Vollmer

Width measurement with a laser micrometer. The picture is also showing a demagnetizer and a hole puncher used to mark defects.

Eddy current detector used to detect weld irregularities on a bi-metal saw blade strip.

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