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BELREF Refractories S.A.
100 Rue de la Rivierette
B-7330 Saint-Ghislain, Belgien

Telefon: +32 65 764320
Fax: +32 65 765309

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Über uns

BELREF REFRACTORIES operates out of Saint-Ghislain (Mons - Belgium) and is a world player in the supply of refractory products to the glassmaking, iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industries.

The BELREF brand is historically renowned for manufacturing quality in products based on silica, silica-alumina, andalusite, bauxite, zircon, silicon carbide, pure alumina, dense and insulating products and high-alumina products.

The natural deposits of exceptionally high quality silica we use enable us to offer glassmakers a wide range of HEPSIL and PORODINA products specifically adapted to the particular constraints of the glassmaking industry.

BELREF REFRACTORIES is also gearing up production capacity for refractory concretes and prefabricated parts. Customers will thus soon be able to take advantage of an extended range of BELREF monolithic products.

The satisfaction of customer requirements is at the heart of BELREF REFRACTORIES quality programme which was awarded ISO certification in 1986 and is currently certified ISO 9001:2000.