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ASCO Kohlensäure AG
Industriestr. 2
8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland
Postfach 3 26
8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland

Phone: +41 71 4668080
Fax: +41 71 4668066

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A cool to way to increase productivity

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Efficient cleaning of moulds and tools is becoming increasingly important, not only to improve quality and productivity but also to reduce costs by minimising wear of moulds and tools and avoiding shut-down time and. With its ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology, ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD offers a powerful but gentle cleaning method to clean all kind of moulds and tools (e.g. ingot moulds, core boxes). ASCO specialises in integrating dry ice blasting into the daily work process and many foundries have already benefitted from this experience.

The advantages of ASCOJET dry ice blasting:

  • Gentle: The surfaces of moulds and tools are not damaged or altered.
  • No dismantling: ASCOJET Dry Ice Blasting can be applied directly onto the production equipment. The forms do not need to be removed or cooled down allowing virtually continuous production and avoiding expensive shut-down time. This way the cleaning process can easily be integrated as a fixed part of the production process.
  • No secondary waste: The blasting material, dry ice, turns to gas as soon as it hits the surface. Thus, there is no blasting material to be disposed of. Best of all, work conditions are improved because dry ice blasting does not expose the staff to additional dust from sand or grit blasting.
  • Environmentally friendly: As no secondary waste is created and no chemical substances are used, ASCOJET dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method.
  • Dry: As this blasting system leaves a dry surface, there is no danger that electrical components are damaged.

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Dry Ice Logistics

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We are pleased to help you to find your best dry ice logistics solution (dry ice delivery service or in-house dry ice production)

Well organised dry ice logistics optimises cleaning results and saving possibilities: the fresher the dry ice, the better and faster are the cleaning results.

If you produce the dry ice yourself, you profit from a maximum of quality and flexibility in the daily working process and remarkable cost savings. In this context ASCO offers various dry ice production machines with different production capacities. Such an in-house dry ice production can also be combined with just-in-time CO2 delivery.

In various countries we offer complete dry ice production and CO2 concepts which will give you the following benefits:

  • Less dry ice loss due to sublimation
  • More flexibility as you always have freshly produced dry ice at your disposal
  • Better and faster cleaning results because the fresher the dry ice, the more effective the cleaning
  • Less dry ice used
  • Shorter production standstills
  • Less time and money spent on buying and transporting

All these benefits lead to more quality and flexibility in the daily working process and remarkable cost savings.

Optimum dry ice logistics requires optimum storage of dry ice. ASCO offers various types of dry ice storage containers to minimise sublimation loss and keep the dry ice in best condition

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