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ABP Induction Systems GmbH
Kanalstr. 25
44147 Dortmund, Germany
Postfach 10 50 05
44047 Dortmund, Germany

Phone: +49 231 997-0
Fax: +49 231 997-2467

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Medium-frequency coreless induction furnace system type LFS

The medium-frequency coreless induction furnace system is utilized for holding and melting ferrous and non-ferrous metals and has holding capacities of 10t - 40 t with melting capacities of 1 t/h - 12 t/h.

The LFS furnace concept - your advantages:

A high degree of reliability and availability
Proven construction elements such as the open design of the furnace, the exchangeable furnace head and the optimized power supply principle ensure high reliability and maximum availability.

Less power consumption and enhanced economy - long coil life time
Modern semi-conductor technology and an optimum furnace design minimize the power demand and consumption.

High operational safety
Safe melting operations thanks to continuous, automatic furnace monitoring.

Favourable price/performance ratio and long life cycle
The use of ABP standard modules in the melting plant is responsible for its favourable price. These ABP furnace systems, known to be rugged and reliable, minimize total life cycle costs.

Easy to install, operate and maintain
The advanced furnace design was conceived for quick and easy installation. System operation, monitoring and control are user-friendly and simple.

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Smart FS

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The flexible furnace for small capacity applications

The Smart FS is best suited for the following foundry application:

  • Steel foundries
  • Small, highly flexible gray iron foundries
  • Non-ferrous metal foundries
  • Special product foundries (job shops)
  • Precision foundries (lost wax method)
  • Laboratory test furnaces for large foundries

The Smart FS' melting rate is between 400 kg/h and 1.200 kg/h - related to cast iron.

The Smart FS system concept - with advantages for you:

Low energy consumption
Optimal furnace design and the efficient IGBT converter reduce power consumption and energy losses.

High operational safety
Continuous automatic monitoring ensures safe melting.

Reduced lifecycle costs
The Smart FS has the lowest lifecycle costs in its class.

Ease of installation
The furnace can be installed free standing on the foundry floor or as a flush desk furnace in a pit. The power supply needs no separate electric room. Since the plant only consists of

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