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DISA Industries A/S
Herlev Hovedgade 17
2730 Herlev, Denmark [incl. Greenland]

Phone: +45 44505050
Fax: +45 44945225

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Product Categories
Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering  
Moulding plants, flaskless 1 Product
Moulding plants with flasks  
Core making machines, other 1 Product
Moulding sand preparation machines and plants  
Moulding sand mixer  
Moulding Solutions


DISA offers a full range of moulding solutions for the production of high quality castings:

- DISAMATIC® - the ultimate choice for high volume, flaskless vertical production of quality
castings with unmatched speed of up to 510 moulds per hour.

- DISA MATCH - flaskless matchplate technology for efficient high-quality production of
castings in shorter runs with frequent pattern changes.

- DISA FLEX - horizontal flask turn-style moulding machine for foundries wanting a flexible
solution for production of high quality, medium and heavy near net shape castings.
(DISA FLEX is subject to geographical sales restrictions).

- DISA ARPA - jolt squeeze technology for smaller foundries requiring flexibility, good
quality production of short run castings.
(DISA ARPA is subject to geographical sales restrictions).

Core Technology


Using experience gained from a large and varied installed base of core machines, DISA can provide core solutions customised to your specific needs. While specialising in high-volume, high-quality, complex cores, DISA also delivers machines to jobbing foundries and with multiple parting lines.

DISA is also capable of supplying additional peripheral equipment related to the core making process. Prime features are: flexibility, productivity, quality, high process reliability and environmental sustainability. All plant components are carefully harmonized and allow tailor-made solutions – from individual items to integrated systems.