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Dotech GmbH Wärmebehandlungsanlagen und Schutzgaserzeuger
Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Ring 51
75447 Sternenfels, Germany

Phone: +49 7045 201130
Fax: +49 7045 201159

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We design and produce tailor-made and customized solutions. Thus, you find here only a limited choice of different products. However, you are welcome to get an overview on all equipment we have produced up to now. Furthermore, we would like to offer you a new equipment tailored to you and your products. It would also be possible to redesign and to produce an existing equipment according to the parameters you require. As we are always open to new innovative ideas it is also possible to design new equipment in the range of special equipment.

Ammonia crackers

Ammonia crackers are protective gas generators in which ammonia is dissociated into its components by means of nickel-plated catalysts. As a result, a protective gas is generated with the function to displace the oxygen from the duct system in order to avoid unwanted reactions with the goods to be treated. Ammonia crackers are mainly used in the field of brazing, sintering, nitrating and displacing of oxygen.

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