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Accurate sensor technologies
214 C Sardarpura
313001 Udaipur, India

Phone: +91 93 52506032

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AST 250-450


AST 250 and AST 450 are specially designed high accurate digital pyrometers to provide high performance and low maintenance of non contact temperature measurement in demanding industrial environments.

The emissivity, sub range or response time and peak picker can be preset ex works or adjusted through software. This enables the instruments to be adapted to various measuring tasks.

These pyrometers have solid body in Stainless Steel housing which provide high operation safety even in rough industrial environment, and large variety of optics with fixed focus which can be easily used in all industrial areas.

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AST Portable Pyrometers


AST Portable Pyrometers are available in Temperature range -60...2400°C. Features are as following –

  • Large LCD display with power backlight.
  • Mini thermocouple socket up to 1400 Deg C
  • Under memory mode, record & display the specific temperature with emissivity.
  • Laser and backlight on/off control
  • Deg C/ Deg F switch mode
  • USB interface.


Metal processing ,Forging ,Brazing, Rolling & welding, Preheating, Tempering, Hardening, Founding, Sintering ,Melting

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E series Pyrometer - AST E 250/450


The AST E 250 & AST E 450 is digital pyrometers with extended optical head and 5 core cable for non contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, graphite etc between 250°C and 3200°C.

The optical head is unaffected by electromagnetic interferences (e.g. induction). The pyrometer is equipped with a display (optional) which shows in measuring mode the current temperature.

Additionally all parameters can be read and changed via integrated keys.

AST E 250 / E 450 are provided with USB 2 connector with cable. The pyrometer can be powered through USB port of the laptop computer. In this case no external power supply is required.

Analog output is 4...20mA (0...20mA / 0...10V / 0....5V user selectable)

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Special Aluminium /Non Ferrous Pyrometers


Special Pyrometres for different application such as Aluminium Billet, Extrusion, Molten Alunimium, forging, continous casting etc. are available in temperature range 100 deg C to 1000 deg C.


  • Digital and analog
  • Automatic compensation of Emissivity changes calculate & display both temperature and target Emissivity.
  • Measures through smoke,dust,water vapor etc.

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