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Cold Jet presents new revolutionary dry ice blaster, PCS® 60, during the GIFA 2019

Cold Jet® – the global leader in dry ice technology – presents Cold Jet’s revolutionary new PCS 60 at GIFA 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany (Hall 16, Booth 16A24). The machine represents the pinnacle of dry ice blasting technology and will set the standard for dry ice blasting machines for years to come.

In today's foundry industry, it is more important than ever to reduce costs and increase productivity and component quality. There is enormous potential for this in the cleaning of moulds and tools. However, the cleaning of permanent aluminium moulds, core box vents or openings, semi-solid castings and casting machines is often still carried out using traditional methods. Typical manual cleaning methods such as chemicals, mechanical aids, such as brushes or abrasive paper, and high-pressure cleaners, require that equipment be cooled down, removed, hours spent with unproductive manual cleaning or glass bead blasting, and then everything has to be installed again.

As traditional cleaning methods affect uptime and overall profits without achieving an optimal level of cleaning, more and more foundry market leaders are seeing the benefits of dry ice cleaning as an excellent cleaning alternative.

"Cold Jet is proud to introduce the PCS 60 to the global market and especially during the GIFA to the foundry industry", says Dietmar Juchmes, General Manager Europe from Cold Jet. "The machine is the highest performing dry ice blaster available and features many technological advancements that are firsts in our industry. The PCS 60 continues Cold Jet’s tradition of leading the way and guiding our industry forward."

The PCS 60 features Cold Jet’s patented Particle Control System™ (PCS). The PCS precisely cuts dry ice into diamond shaped particles in the exact dimensions chosen by the operator (3mm to 0.3mm and every size in between). No machine on the market is capable of this type of precision. The user has complete control and can find the most effective setting for each unique application.

It enables tools and moulds to be cleaned at operating temperature when installed and it has been proven that better cleaning results are achieved. At the same time, the effective but gentle cleaning process does not damage surfaces of the moulds, resulting in a longer service life. Dry ice cleaning is used for tools and moulds made of all common materials. Sensitive materials such as chrome-plated, nickel-plated and ceramic-coated materials can also be cleaned without damage.

The machine is not only the most technologically advanced dry ice blaster on the market, it is also the easiest to use. With a 7” LCD color screen and digital controls, the PCS 60 provides an intuitive display that allows the user to easily view and adjust blasting parameters and machine settings. The machine also features programmable and password-protected application recipes. This feature allows users to set and save blasting parameters, such as blast pressure, particle size and feed rate, which increases efficiency and ensures the right settings for each individual application.

Cleaning of graphite lubricants off die-casting machines, removal of excess grease, dust, ink or carbon off production equipment and hydraulic power units are no problem. Conveyors can also be cleaned without damaging pneumatic devices, bearings or electrical equipment.

“Our team designed the PCS 60 to be extremely efficient by utilizing next-generation technology to maximize our customer’s return on investment while reducing their overall total cost of ownership,” said Dietmar Juchmes. “It cleans more effectively and requires significantly less dry ice and air pressure than competing machines.”

The PCS 60 is IoT enabled via Cold Jet’s Industry 4.0 solution, Cold Jet CONNECT®. The system provides remote monitoring and diagnostics while allowing users to collect and manage data and employ tools for optimum performance and productivity. The machine is also automation and integration capable via an optional accessory package, which enables the PCS 60 to be combined with a Cold Jet dry ice production unit and a robot for continuous and fully automated blasting.  

Visit Cold Jet at the GIFA in Düsseldorf, Germany (Hall 16, booth 16A24) and learn more live about the product line for the foundry industry. Cold Jet looks forward to your visit!

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