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Picture: Startae Team / Unsplash

How cooperating with start-ups can give your business wings


Cooperation between long-established companies and start-ups is often tested in this industry. However, the advantages of these cooperations often aren’t immediately visible - why should valuable company knowledge be shared with external newcomers? Young companies supply valuable input and break loose from fixed patterns of thought to bring in new ideas.
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How the hydrogen initiative can make Germany more climate-friendly


The Federal Government is promoting the expansion of hydrogen production. These are the effects it has on the metal industry
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umati: How a machine language can make the smart factory possible


The new, open standard "umati" is meant to unify the communication of all machines
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Coronavirus: What companies can do in the current situation


Make the best out of the crisis - Things that companies can adapt for the Corona pandemic
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Low-cost automation: How robotics are shaping medium-sized companies


Robots and assembly lines are a strong relief of work
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These trends will accompany us in the new decade


In the next ten years the metal industry will change more than in any previous decade.
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How injection-moulded hybrid structures increase load-bearing capacity


Combination of the latest manufacturing technologies ensures highly resilient lightweight construction products
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Digital twin: How virtual plants increase production efficiency


3D model simplifies planning, implementation, training and maintenance
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How a simple 3D printed part can reduce nitrogen oxides


Mixing unit burns natural gas with particularly low emissions
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Hybrid melting furnaces: The way to emission-free raw metal production?


Heating with oil or gas is becoming increasingly unprofitable as a result of EU directives and German climate protection targets. Hybrid furnaces, which dynamically switch between different energy sources depending on the electricity mix, could be a solution. Technically, however, there are difficulties in implementing this, especially with larger plants.
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