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About our products...

Our key products include vacuum high pressure quenching furnace, vacuum melting furnace (50~1000kg/batch), stripe casters, vacuum heat treating furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum coating machine and other types of complete equipments, with various furnace types like vertical type, horizontal type, batch type, two chamber type, three chamber type and continuous type (six chamber, seven chamber, nine chamber), etc.

FSC series are used for various purposes, such as tempering, sintering and brazing of various types of metal.


Chamber configuration can be multiplied by combining each unitized chambers and adopting hot roller carry system;

Configurable combination of preparation chamber (vacuum/atmosphere), preheating chamber (operation 500℃), heating chamber(operation 1150℃) and cooling chamber depending on process and throughput;

Each chamber is completely isolated by adopting double gave valve so that vacuum/atmosphere is completely isolated;

Units can be added depending on process and throughput;

Inline process is possible as below:

“Loading→Heating 1→Cooling 1→Heating 2→Cooling 2→Unloading”;

Temperature uniformity can be 1150℃±3℃ by adopting six sectional temperature control system heater (option).


Vacuum heat treatment: Heat treatment of various metals, brazing;

Sintering: Magnet

In USY, production planning, components purchasing and operation management are all conducted in the ERP system. Since 2006, USY has been approved by National ISO9001:2000 and ISO9001:2008 Quality System accredited by BCC, along with ISO9001: 2000 accredited by NQA. Since 2011, some models from USY have also won the CE certificate accredited by TÜV SÜD.

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