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Cardan India (Partnership)

G.T. Road Panagarh Bazar Burdwan, 713148 Durgapur, West Bengal
Telefon +91 98000 46890
Fax +91 343 2524728


METEC 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 3): Stand E25


METEC 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 3


Pankaj Jaiswal




Abhishek Jaiswal




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  • 07  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Formgebung von Stahl
  • 07.08  Stabstahl- und Drahtstraßen

Stabstahl- und Drahtstraßen

Über uns


Greetings from CARDAN INDIA

We are glad to introduce our Company Cardan India for Manufacture/Exporter of CARDAN SHAFT / UNIVERSAL JOINT SHAFT .
A leader in power transmission engineering since 1992, specialized manufacturing and distributing CARDAN SHAFT (Universal Joint Shaft) and their components for application.
Having based on the features demanded by large companies, we have created innovative maintenance free shafts that are now available to small and medium-heavy sized companies. Our keen knowledge of the cardan shaft has helped us to develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s client.

Our company has developed the production of universal shafts, with high quality and accuracy (Light-Medium-Heavy duty sector). Our technology also allows us manufacturing special range of universal shafts, for those application not included in the normal commercial products.
Our company offers its customers the know-how and the experience in the field of the industrial design. To optimize and integrate its products, so as to increase the efficiency of the plants and the machines.
We also offer our technical support during the design, the installation, the maintenance and the evaluation of the performance.
Cardan India’s goal is to maintain high product quality and total customer satisfaction which we strive to ensure through our relentless pursuits for quality perfection.

These solutions allow you to: _

* Low maintenance
* Reducing operating costs
* Low power consumption (Energy efficient)
* Increase customer satisfactions

Some of the benefits by using our Cardan Shafts are: _
1. Low Power Consumption
2. Low Maintenance
3. Fully Balanced
4. Fully seized
5. Inter-changeable
6. Affordable price


Exportanteil max. 50%
Anzahl der Beschäftigten 100-499
Gründungsjahr 1992
  • Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Stahlerzeugung
  • Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Formgebung von Stahl
  • Sonstige Ausrüstungen und Komponenten für Hütten- und Walzwerke
  • Stahlwerke

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