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RHI Magnesita GmbH

Kranichberggasse 6, 1120 Wien
Telefon +43 1 50213-0
Fax +43 1 502136233


METEC 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 5): Stand E29


METEC 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 5


Gunda Griessmann

Head of Marketing Communications



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Halle 5 / E29

26 Jun 2019


17:30 - 21:00

RHI Magnesita Booth Party


"When we talk about innovation, we mean a new level of refractory solutions. We call it ‘Refractory 4.0’,” says Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita on the occasion of the company’s participation in METEC 2019 in June. “Innovation is the key to customer satisfaction. As the driving force of the industry, we must deliver the best solutions to our customers and share the value with them.”

“All major stakeholders of our industry will be there. This is a unique opportunity to interact with customers and partners, discuss the trends and exhibit the latest technologies,” says Gustavo Franco, CSO RHI Magnesita. “This year we will not only participate, but we will also make the difference. The refractory industry needs to reposition itself and we are leading this process by driving mutual innovation together with our partners. We will give our customers and partners a taste of what is to come, and this continuous exchange is a motto of our innovative attitude.”

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  • 01  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Herstellung und Aufbereitung von Rohstoffen bzw. Ausgangsstoffen
  • 01.01  Umschlag von Erzen, Koks und anderen Grundstoffen

Umschlag von Erzen, Koks und anderen Grundstoffen

  • 02  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Roheisenerzeugung
  • 02.04  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

  • 03  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Stahlerzeugung
  • 03.05  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

  • 04  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur NE-Metall-Erzeugung
  • 04.06  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

  • 05  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zum Vergießen von Stahl
  • 05.05  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

  • 06  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zum Vergießen von NE-Metallen
  • 06.05  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Über uns


The driving force of the refractory industry
RHI Magnesita is the global leader in refractories. We have the largest number of locations around the world and the most innovative, reliable products and services. We also provide the most robust supply and quality security, thanks to our exceptional vertical integration – from mining to production to full service solutions.

Our Mission: we take innovation to 1200 °C and beyond
Leadership is not just about being the biggest or strongest. To us, it’s about using those advantages to set the pace of innovation in our industry – and deliver the best for our customers. So we don’t take our market leadership for granted. We aim to stay No.1 by driving positive change in our industry, and the industries that rely on us.